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For those looking to train like an Olympian, check out our line of above ground trampolines for sale to jump like a professional

When low profile, safety and beauty come together, your HOA is sure to love our in-ground trampoline kits accompanied with easy DIY install

While all of our trampolines are made with safety in mind, adding a safety net can ensure peace of mind while jumping

Trampoline accessories like covers and nets are the best way to keep your kids safe and your trampoline in like-new condition.





Looking to maximize your bounce area? Our round trampolines offer more surface area to bounce on when compared to a rectangular trampoline of similar size. As the round shape draws jumpers to the middle, it makes for a safe option for little ones

  • Equally spaced springs for a more consistent
  • Perfect for beginner jumpers who are learning how to coordinate their movements on a trampoline.
  • Smaller sizes are cost-efficient and budget-friendly to meet the needs of any family.

If getting the highest bounce is your goal, look no further than our rectangular trampolines. Rectangular trampolines guarantee a high quality bounce no matter where you jump on the mat. The extra length allows for your friends and family to join in on the fun.

  • Rectangular trampolines have a much higher weight capacity, making them ideal for several jumpers to use at once.
  • Their length and size make them perfect for aspiring and seasoned gymnasts.
  • Their construction means they’re uniquely suited to create the highest bounce possible.

For those with plenty of room to spare, our 17 foot wide oval trampolines are the perfect choice. The oval shape combines the best features of rectangular and round trampolines, giving a larger jump area and higher bounce for the whole family 

  • Oval trampolines have two “center points” which allows jumpers to bounce without affecting each other.
  • Offer a higher bounce than round trampolines and a lower bounce than rectangular trampolines.
  • The oval shape provides extra room for safety

Safety Is Our Priority 

Nets and In-Ground Trampolines

No parent wants to see their child injured while enjoying time on their trampoline. Fortunately, trampoline nets and in-ground trampolines can go a long way toward protecting even the smallest jumpers.

In-ground trampolines are the first step toward the safest bounce. Their low bounce height and low profile mean that jumpers are never too high off the ground. Even an inexperienced jumper can use an in-ground trampoline safely without fear of an accident or injury.

Safety is improved even more when you pair your in-ground trampoline with a trampoline net. Nets keep jumpers away from the edges of a trampoline, reducing the chances they’ll bounce out and injure themselves and giving you, as a parent, peace of mind.

A Smarter Way To Jump

Capital Play

Highest Quality In-Ground Trampolines

Europes finest in-ground trampolines have become a household name in the United States. From their low profile style and TDU patented vented pads, Capital Play Trampolines are your best, bounciest, investment.

  • TDU vented pads for maximum airflow
  • HOA's prefer them
  • Comes with everything you need, including retaining

BERG Trampolines

The Dutch Powerhouse Comes to the US

Known among top athletes and olympians, BERG is the go to trampoline for serious jumpers. 

  • Powerful bounce and performance
  • Adjustable bounce and zero bolt assembly
  • Top-quality and innovative safety features

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Amazing customer service and even better response time regarding my questions. The team took excellent care of me as though I was a member of their family and I would recommend that anyone and everyone give them a chance to wow you with their customer service. We love our in-ground trampoline!!!

Shawn C.

I had a wonderful experience working with Lauren. I think I personally talked to her three times. She was so nice and so helpful. Our trampoline arrived in one week and it is assembled. Lauren also forwarded assembly instructions with out being asked. They were helpful. My experience working with her was a 10 and I’m very happy.

Susan W.

Excellent response rate for inquiries. Followed by top tier customer service, a hustle on the shipping and great follow-through. .... what else is there?
These components create a GREAT experience. Thanks!

Elle P.

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Each trampoline comes backed with worry safe warranties to ensure fun for a lifetime. Learn more about the warranty converge provided by our high-quality trampoline manufacturers.

Curious on how to install our in ground trampoline kit or wanting a DIY project? Our installation page shows you step by step how to install your in ground trampoline.

Trampoline Superstore

We’re a family-owned business with kids of our own. We understand the desire for family fun and the need for safety.

All of our trampolines are either designed and/or manufactured right here in the USA by our manufacturers that have been in business since the 1980s. Due to the high-quality of our trampoline systems, we are able to offer top-of-the-line warranties for all of our products. We mean it when we say that our trampolines are built to last!

Our warehouse is located in Texas, but we proudly ship all across the continental United States.

Our in-ground trampolines and above-ground trampolines are perfect for budding gymnasts, kiddos who appreciate extra space to fly, and even adults looking to break a sweat on our exercise trampolines. Our trampolines guarantee non-stop jumping fun for all ages!

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