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3 Ways To Care For Your In-Ground Trampoline | Trampoline Superstore

3 Ways To Care For Your In-Ground Trampoline

When you make a purchase from Trampoline Superstore, rest assured we only sell products that are built to last. Each trampoline and accessory product we offer is made from top-quality materials with high-specification design. That’s why when it comes to caring for your in-ground trampoline, it couldn’t be easier!

Here are 3 tips to properly care for your in-ground trampoline system to ensure it lasts for years to come.

Use a Trampoline Cover For Ultimate Protection

We offer three different size options for our trampoline covers and highly recommend using them to protect your in-ground trampoline. Each one is designed to protect the top layer material from sunlight and dirt all year round. They’re an easy-fit with a five minute installation time and lay right over the trampoline with elasticated toggles to cover the safety padding on each side. Even better, our covers have built in mesh drainage holes to allow for rainwater to easily pass through the trampoline to prevent water pooling on the top.

Keep Pets Off and Kids Safe With a Net Enclosure

With an in-ground trampoline, it’s important to keep in mind that pets might want to give your trampoline a test-jump, too. Can you really blame them, though? The fun is just too tempting! To easily keep fur babies off your trampoline, you can install a safety net enclosure around the perimeter. This is a great choice not only for the well-being of your pets and protection of your trampoline, but also to keep your kids safe while they jump since the net ensures the bouncer stays within the trampoline boundaries. Each of our safety nets is made from high-quality netting composed of polyurethane material that will not rip, fade, or rot. They can also be easily added to or removed from the trampoline within minutes.

Install Proper Drainage For Your In-ground Trampoline

When you’re looking to install an in-ground trampoline, you’ll need to consider drainage in and around the area you’re planning to place it. Depending on the ground’s absorption rate underneath the area of your in-ground trampoline, installing a pump might be a necessity to avoid flooding. For best results, we recommend placing a pump or gravity drain in the well below your system for proper installation and optimal draining during rainfall. This will give you the best drainage option and peace of mind. However, if the ground below your trampoline drains well on its own, a drain may not be necessary.

Here at Trampoline Superstore we do offer warranty protection for each of our products and trampolines of every size. For questions about our products, be sure to check out our FAQ page.

Jump in on all of the fun and shop our available inventory today!