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5 Games To Play On Your Trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline is a blast all on its own, but playing trampoline games can make it that much more fun! Whether your kids are jumping together, with friends, or you’re jumping as a family, here are some fun (and safe) trampoline games to try out!

Bouncing Ball Catch

Players: Two or more
Supplies: Tennis balls

One player stands outside the trampoline with their tennis balls, while another starts the game inside the trampoline enclosure. The outside player must throw a ball as high as they can into the enclosure and the inside player must try to catch the ball mid-jump. Each inside player is given five chances per round. Each ball caught is worth one point, and the first player to ten points wins!

Monkey in the Middle

Players: Three or more
Supplies: A soft, foam ball or beach ball

This is a classic! One player stands in the middle of the trampoline, while the others stand on the outside edges. The outside players take turns throwing the ball back and forth, while the “monkey” in the middle attempts to catch it. Whoever throws the ball the monkey catches will become the new monkey!

Crack the Egg

Players: Three or more
Supplies: n/a

Another staple trampoline game! One player starts as the egg and sits in the middle of the trampoline with their knees to their chest and their arms wrapped around their knees. The other players bounce around the edge of the trampoline in an attempt to get the egg to crack by releasing their arms from their legs. Players take turns being the egg and whoever stays uncracked the longest is the winner.

Bubble Blast

Players: Two or more
Supplies: Bubbles/bubble wands

This game is perfect for little ones who may not have the motor skills to jump much. Everyone sits on the trampoline together. The adult blows bubbles while the littles try to pop them before they fall. This game is simple, easy, and fun for any age!

Trampoline Twister

Players: Two or more
Supplies: Twister board game

This one is as simple as it sounds. All you need to do is lay down your Twister board on your trampoline and play according to the game rules! It’s an awesome way to spice up a classic family game.

Remember, the safest way to play any trampoline game is by installing a trampoline net before you get started. We’ve got plenty of trampoline nets to choose from that are perfect for in-ground and above-ground trampolines of all sizes! And if you need any help choosing the right net for your trampoline, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!