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6 Creative Tips With A Trampoline To Get Kids Outside | Trampoline Superstore

6 Creative Tips With A Trampoline To Get Kids Outside

6 top tips to get your kids active, outdoors, and away from their screens this spring!

Convincing your kiddos to get outdoors for some playtime in the warmer temperatures isn’t too difficult of a task, but keeping them entertained for long periods of time is another story. Before you know it, boredom can kick in and they’re back inside glued to their screens for hours on end. With an in-ground trampoline system for kids, you’re guaranteed non-stop gameplay fun, use of their imagination and creativity, and plenty of bonding time with siblings or neighborhood friends as they create memories to last a lifetime.

Use a Kids Fitness Tracker

Use a kids fitness tracker for added motivation with movement challenges. Have them run around the backyard for one minute and see how many steps they can log. Then challenge them to run in place on the trampoline for one minute and compare their results. Keep alternating back and forth, each time encouraging kids to see if they can beat their previous record.

Create a Backyard Treasure Hunt

Get creative with a backyard treasure hunt. You could use grocery paper bags to make maps with fun riddles. Then, consider using gardening tools, plants, stepping stones, and your trampoline for places to hide your clues. The possibilities are endless!

Have Fun With a Sprinkler

Once the temperatures really start to heat up, add a sprinkler under your trampoline to cool things down. Better yet, use water balloons for added water fun.

Lunch on the Trampoline

Invite your kiddo’s friends over for a picnic lunch on the trampoline to refuel after a morning of jumping fun. Bonus points if they can help create a kid-friendly recipe to share.

Create a Backyard Obstacle Course

Create a backyard obstacle course with balls, jump ropes, frisbees, and your trampoline! Talk about an energy blaster loaded with fun!

Create a Outdoor Reading Nook

Do you have an avid reader on your hands? Help them soak in some extra vitamin D by creating an outdoor reading nook on top of your trampoline. Grab a few blankets, pillows, and an outdoor speaker to really set the cozy scene.

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