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Why HOA’s Prefer In-Ground Trampolines

If you’ve never lived in a neighborhood run by a homeowner’s association, it can take a little getting used to. HOAs are governing bodies, made up of the community’s own residents, whose job it is to manage various aspects of the neighborhood. When you purchase a home or sign a lease to rent in an HOA-managed community, you agree to follow the rules and regulations established by that neighborhood’s homeowner’s association.

In addition to things like utilities and maintenance, HOAs can also have control over the aesthetic aspects of your home and yard. This often gives them the ability to probit or limit any small “structures” you may wish to erect, like doghouses, sheds, and trampolines.

It may seem odd that an HOA can control what you can and cannot put on your property, but there are good reasons for it. For example, many HOAs prohibit trampolines altogether because of liability and insurance concerns. However there are plenty of HOAs that do allow residents to have in-ground trampolines.

HOA Trampoline Restrictions

There are many reasons homeowner’s associastios prefer in-ground trampolines over above-ground trampolines, and safety is chief among them. That said, your HOA may still restrict certain aspects of trampoline ownership, even if it is an in-ground model. For example, your HOA rules may: 

  • Require you to obtain liability insurance coverage for your trampoline
  • Specify where your trampoline can be placed
  • Restirct the size of your trampoline
  • Require you to take additional precautions to anchor your trampoline to the ground in order to withstand high winds
  • Regulate the color of your trampoline and accessories like nets and covers
  • Resturct the height of an in-ground trampoline net

 Getting your HOA to approve your in-ground trampoline is a process that can differ based on the group’s bylaws. In general though, it often will require you to fill out a request form, write a form letter, or appeal to your HOA’s artichetrual review committed before being given permission to install your trampoline.

Remember that it is not safe to bury an above-ground trampoline in the ground. If your homeowner’s association requires you to have an in-ground trampoline, make sure you’re purchasing one from a reputable anufacterer. Trampoline Superstore carries in-ground trampolines from BERG and Capital Play, in plenty of different shapes and sizes, as well as trampoline nets and trampoline covers.


If you need help figuring out which of our trampolines will meet your HOA’s requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!