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Oval In-Ground and Above Ground Trampolines


For those looking to have the most space to jump, the Berg 17ft Oval Grand Champion will satisfy your need for a large trampoline without compromising safety or performance. 


BERG Grand Champion - 17ft In-Ground Oval Trampoline Green + Safety Net Deluxe

BERG Grand Champion Above-Ground 17ft Green + Safety Net Deluxe

Being the best is something that North has excelled at for many years. With an emphasis on safety, North is sure to be the best option for combining fun and the wellbeing of your family.

North Explorer - Oval
North Explorer - Oval
North Explorer - Oval

North Explorer 

Available in 14ft and 15ft

Well suited for tricks and aerobatics, the Oval Explorer offers astounding performance and elongated jumping surfaces. The oval shape is the perfect fit for those looking for a size between round and rectangle

  • Oval shape allows for two bounce zones
  • Exceptional build quality backed by top warranties
  • Advanced Performance Initiatives
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