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Capital Play – 10ft x 6ft Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline

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Capital Play – 10ft x 6ft Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline

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Our 10ft x 6ft In-ground is a medium-size rectangular trampoline loved by Texans.

This high grade in-ground trampoline kit comes with everything required for a smooth DIY installation in your own backyard. Its rectangular shape is a respectable size for upgrading your Texas yard into a playscape.

This trampoline kit includes Trampolines Down Under’s (TDU) vented pad technology. Designed in the USA by TDU, these patented in-ground trampoline pads have a series of vented holes to improve airflow through the pads and are a great upgrade to any in-ground or sunken trampoline.

This allows for an enhanced bounce experience and eliminates any annoying ‘pad slap’ noise.

  • Silent bounce
  • Extra thick, safe protective foam
  • UV stabilized – won’t fade in the Texas sunlight
  • 2-year warranty

Our in-ground trampoline kits come with everything you need for years of family fun...

  • Heavy duty double frame
  • Commercial grade jump mat
  • Built-in retaining wall
  • 8.5" galvanised springs

Key Features

  • A complete kit The Capital In-ground Trampoline Kit comes with the trampoline and pads, purpose-built retaining wall (which stops the soil falling back into the hole) and clear instructions.
  • Quality bounce Our in-ground trampolines have an excellent bounce. We only use high-quality commercial-grade springs.
  • Great fun Owning a trampoline is a sure way to get the kids outside and away from those screens!
  • The best bounce! Capital Play is the only licensed authorized manufacturer allowed to use Trampolines Down Under’s patented vented pad technology - all the air escapes through the padding, ensuring a brilliant bounce and eliminating pad slap noise.
  • Your net options The beauty of an in-ground trampoline is that you don’t need a net at all! However, we also offer a range of net options, including full, half, and quarter nets to suit your needs.
  • Easy installation Our in-ground trampolines are designed to be easily installed yourself. Our website offers some great videos and tips for installation.
  • Color options Choose from green or grey pads to suit your backyard!



10ft x 6ft


Capital Play, Trampolines Down Under (vented pads)

68 x 7" Extra-galvanised 100gsm (to prevent rusting)
User Capacity
Trampoline Frame Heavy-duty 275gsm galvanized 42mm diameter, 2mm thick steel frame
Warranty Steel frame & retaining wall: 10 years, jump mat & springs: 5 years, padding: 2 years